The health benefits of Kangoo Jumps are unbelievable

Stable & Comfortable

The Kangoo Jumps provide an exceptional level of comfort. Some say it feels like you are bouncing on a cloud. The Kangoo Boots are very stable, that is why beginners are able to learn quickly. The reason for the stability comes from the springs and rubber.

Lower Joint Impact

Kangoo Jumps helps reduce 80% of joint impact, increase bone density & muscle mass, increase metabolism & endurance, promote spinal alignment & posture, promote faster weight loss, and they help improve core strength & balance.

How Kangoo Jumps Work

Kangoo Jumps are a pair of boots with springs attached to the soles. Each time you jump and land on the ground, the spring absorbs the impact and bounces you back up lightly. This lowers the impact on your knees by 80% and helps you burn twice as many calories.

Overall Health Benefits

The health benefits you get from Kangoo Jumps are indisputable with various studies carried out. With the shoes built-in Impact Protection System (ISP), you are provided a higher degree of protection against injury to knees, ankles, hips, & lower back.

Kangoo Jumps are designed to deliver a fun and safe, low-impact workout that helps you lose weight, fast. Kangoo Jumps are the next best thing for workouts. Everytime you bounce, the spring absorbs the impact, and propels you back up. This not only helps you burn twice as many calories as regular walking but helps tone your whole body.

Anyone can enjoy Kangoo Jumps from kids to seniors, regardless of fitness level. Kangoo Jumps are reasy to learn because they do not have a learning curve. Most people are exercising within the first 5 minutes of putting them on. The whole family can enjoy this exercise, together.
Kangoo Jumps can be used for any activity from running, walking, zumba, doing aerobics, & more.

Why Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo jump shoes are unique and one of the fun ways to workout. Originally developed by athletes, runners and joggers, the Kangoo jumps basically assist in reducing shock in the joints that happen with too much physical movement.

One of the major troubles while playing any sport is the strain your joints acquire due to constant impact. You may get quite a few high-tech shoes in the market that claim to condense the impact, but actually, fall short when it comes to providing protection as they can’t lengthen the impact time extensively enough to allow your muscles and brain to react appropriately to handle the impact.

Studies conducted by the Swiss Federation Institute of Technology suggest that Kangoo shoes have an edge over usual running shoes as the impact protection system of the Kangoo shoe help to boost impact time, reducing the impact stress by almost 80% and thereby, protecting the knees, ankles hips and spine.